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You’re Just One Post Away From Changing Someone’s Life.

Your ideal clients are on online and they need you.

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They’re in dire need and ready to buy.


…they don’t even know that you exist.


  • The words you use, images you choose, videos you create and the times / days you post matter.
  • Finding the RIGHT audience with the RIGHT content and the RIGHT message at the RIGHT time are imperative to get noticed. 
  • Knowing how to create REAL value for people in online communities is more important that ever.
  • Keep your communities actively engaged in conversation everyday to sustain a last business, year after year. 

Ignoring these realities limits your ability make a BIG impact on the world in 2020 and prevents your family from creating the business of your dreams.

I know That You Know All of This…So Why Are You Waiting? 

Maybe because You…

  1. Don’t operate from a proven system that works
  2. Aren’t sure what to say and when to say it
  3. Are afraid you’ll hear crickets after you post
  4. Are fearful that you’ll sound SPAMMY
  5. Can’t take great photos that make you look professional
  6. Don’t have a technical bone in your body.
  7. Are short on time and energy to create everything from scratch

What else? 

Hey there. I totally get it.

We’re juggling mom-life, wife-life and trying to help other families, all at the same time.  For some of us, we’re even doing this in the nooks and crannies of our lives as we hold down part and full time jobs.

It’s hard to find balance and keep our businesses growing, figuring it out all on our own.

I’ve been there!  For 8 years, I was the head of household. I had a stay-at-home dad managing our 2 kids under 2 years old.

I was VP of Digital Marketing in my 9-5 life and a Certified Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach “on the side” in my 5-9 life.

It. Was. HARD.

But what I knew about health coaching, owning a small business and running  sales & marketing departments ranging from not-for-profits to Fortune 500 companies was that business is more about…

  • Creating connections.
  • Building relationships.
  • Serving communities, consistently, with a whole lot of heart.

You see, in 2009, I started a little herb business after my daughter was born. I was completely burnt out of the corporate gig and knew there had to be a better way of life for our family.

As I made our own elderberry syrup, friends and family started asking me for my recipe so I started doling out ziplock bags of my herbs – sound familiar?

But how did I grow with such a loyal fan base ? I had an advantage.

At that point, I had 10 years of digital marketing and social media experience under my belt managing $10MM dollars in ad revenue. I also had a small business and happened upon online networking groups FULL of digital entrepreneurs.

I read. I studied. I went ALL in on both my trade (herbalism) and my roots with a twist (digital entrepreneurism).

Through trial and error, I learned how grow a community of raving fans and wound up generating over $100,000 in revenue by the year 2016, before elderberry syrup started trending. But, I wasn’t selling syrup. I was selling dried herbs – now known as DIY kits.

I learned to create so much engaging content that it started to lead to that ONE post, then another, then ANOTHER, that snowballed and changed thousands of lives forever.

But, it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took 7 years of failing.

Yep. You read that right. I’ve…

  • Posted and heard crickets.
  • Ticked people off.
  • Been kicked out of groups
  • Bailed out of Facebook jail NUMEROUS times
  • Had more live streaming video bloopers than I care to tell you about

I had to learn to be…

Scrappy – I failed fast and figured it out.

Resourceful – I invested HOURS into online masterminds and communities of really smart people

Employed the right apps, online tools and the right people to help me get things done.

I learned how to be a task master of my time and energy while my husband was a stay-at-home dad to our 2 kids while I remained the breadwinner all of those years.

I totally get it. It was daunting, hard and exhausting.  BUT I’ve been through, studied it all, took all the courses and learned from the best and now want to share it all with you so  you can speed up your learning curve.

I will teach you…

  • Exactly what to focus on and when.
  • The short-cuts that can help you build a community of buying, raving fans for years to come.
  • The words to use that will make your customers respond to your posts time and time again.




The Elderberry Marketing Collective will help you create digital & social content that will change thousands of lives, forever.

+Build create the income to live the lifestyle your family deserves.

The Elderberry Marketing Collective will help you create social media content that will land you that one post that will change thousands of people’s lives forever.

+Build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed you’d have.

You'll save time & energy.

Copying and pasting social prompts will save you a ton of time and energy so that you can go do the things you love most.

You'll get organized.

No more social media overwhelm. You’ll know exactly what to do and when. Plus, the monthly masterclasses will help you focus on one strategy at a time to help you create great habits and grow your audiences in big ways.

Feel connected.

We bring elderberry entrepreneurs together to collaborate, inspire, ask questions, share their experiences and help each other thrive.

Our community is the #1 reason why people keep going, even when the going gets tough.

What’s included in The Elderberry Marketing?

  • A step-by-step success path
    Quickly identify where you are & what actions you should be taking right now in your online marketing.
  • 30 social media prompts ($150 value)
    Get customers talking, build trust, & increase sales.
  • 30 custom elderberry-related images ($300 value)
    Help your brand stand out from the competition
  • 1 marketing masterclass ($150 value)
    Get the strategies that have been proven to work
  • A content calendar + post prompts ($127 value)
    Reach the right customer, with the right message at the right time.
  • Weekly Ask-Me-Anything group coaching opportunity ($300 value)
  • All-access pass to past images, prompts and masterclasses ($497)
  • An invitation to the private Facebook Community ($197 value) for peer-to-peer support, accountability and camaraderie
  • And so many bonuses like…
    • 51+ lifestream topics
    • Email subject line thought starters
    • Managing your daily activity tool
    • & many more cheatsheets, worksheets and tools!

Just $45/mo – a $1721/mo value.

I know, right? So if you do the math, your investment is literally paid for with1-2 new quart sales per month.

Oh wait…did I mention that you can cancel at any time? Can’t get any better than that.


What Elderberry Entrepreneurs Say…

I’ve been able to let go of my fears of people not engaging with me now on social media! Oh, and I’ve tripled my audience in just one month!


I love how much you pour into us.

North Carolina

I woke up doubting myself…totally freaking out. LOL I knew our elderberry tribe would give great advice and cheer me on. Thank you.  I have plan of action starting Monday.


Every time I post, I get 3-4 more orders. It’s like clockwork!


Such a time saver. I spent hours trying to find the right images and then fuss with them in Canva. Thank you!


The masterminding has been amazing.  I love that we can walk along side each other vs see each other as competition.


Each month, you’ll be prepared with exactly what you need to make your social marketing easy and drive more sales as a result

Trisha Jackson
The Elderberry Marketing Collective

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