EMBA Course Guarantee

We guarantee the system works if you do.

Within 60 days of purchasing the course, if you have done all the work and taken action on all of the lessons using the course materials, yet still haven’t made a sale in your business, we’ll refund your enrollment fee of $397 after receiving and reviewing your criteria documents.


  1. The following worksheets must be filled out in their entirety:
    • 168hr worksheet
    • 90X goal planner with all 60 days of planned activities documented
    • All worksheets in “Create A Brand You Love”
    • All worksheets in “Design Your Sales Strategy”
    • Pricing worksheet
    • Mastering your pitch
    • A copy of your wholesale/retail program brochure
    • 100 No’s worksheet

2. 3 screenshots of emails you’ve sent to clients with time/date stamps

3. 3 screenshots of social media posts with date/time stamps

4. Time/date stamped screenshots of social media and email as proof of a fully executed Elderberry Marketing Collective calendar.

Please submit all documents to support@elderberryentrepreneur.com

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