The claim that store bought elderberry syrup is watered down is inconclusive at best. It’s unlikely that a maker knows the internal processes of another manufacturer. That would require an NDA and it would be a breech of contract to share.

The claim is made on the assumption that 90% of the market uses sambucus nigra vs canadensis and is using dried vs fresh/frozen berries. A few considerations you should be aware:
  • Sambucus nigra berries can also be farmed here in the US and Canada.
  • Dilution is a different process than reconstitution. Reconstituting fruit and vegetables is not watering down a product as the claim is trying to leverage.
  • 80% of the elderberry fruit is water which means that elderberry syrup in, indeed, largely water for those using fresh, too.
  • The converse is generally true as many fresh elderberry makers aren’t doing the math correctly in their calculations when formulating the herbal preparation (1lb of dried elderberry is equivalent to 7lbs of fresh once the water is removed). Even Kate, The Wellness Mama, has the incorrect equivalencies posted. Many makers use her recipe as a baseline for their own. In that case, the converse holds up in that the dried product is much more highly concentrated, re-constituted.
The claim is attempting to highlight the loss of minerals and vitamins through the manufacturing process (see “cold pressed/infused is best” below).

Please note, this is a VERY sensitive topic. Using a blend of math and science is the best way to level the playing field in this specific instance.

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