Wholesale Agreement


This stress-free edit-and-replace style elderberry wholesale partner agreement will help you create more structure in your business and solidify partnerships. Simplify one of the most daunting tasks within your business! Just fill in what makes the most sense for your brand and remove what doesn’t.  This template uses Canva.



This 100% customizable Canva template includes the following pages:

  • Scope of Distribution
  • Pricing & Terms of Payment
  • Shipment, Delivery & Fulfillment
  • Rights & Obligations of Parties
  • Termination Clause
  • Price List
  • Agreement Signature Form

Photography is not included.

This template is informational only and not contractual. It should be reviewed by your legal counsel if you intend to use it in your business as a legally binding document.

For individual use only and not for commercial resale. Sharing or replication of this template, or any elements within, is strictly prohibited and protected by copyright law.


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