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The Grow Your Elderberry Product Business is a member-to-member curated community. Members learn, grow and thrive together sharing:
*Business-related tips & tools
*Stories about what’s going well in their business and what’s not.
*Souring raw materials, packaging

*Vendor reviews & more

Your monthly membership includes:
*Access to the community of makers
*Monthly marketing conversation starters
*Live group chats by topic
*Elderberry Entrepreneur Marco Polo access (video messaging app)


Connect, collaborate & grow with our peer-to-peer networking community. Access seasoned makers who have years of experience and knowledge built up, selling at farmers' markets, online, in retail locations, and through affiliates.

We are forward-thinking.
We foster growth mindsets.
We believe in community & collaboration over competition where we all go up together.

Our community is right for you if...

✅ Sell consumable elder-based products, specifically for nutritional and natural wellness purposes
✅ Make syrup, juice, concentrates, tinctures, oxymels, teas, gummies, fruit leathers, popsicles, suckers, salves, balms, lotions, or other elder-related wellness products.
✅ Want to make your handmade hobby a legitimate business
✅ Want to make money selling handmade elder-based products to friends and family
✅ Already have a successful handmade business and want to scale by connecting and collaborating with other elderberry entrepreneurs.
✅ Have massive value and insight to share with others based on your elderberry business experiences.
This group is NOT for you if you are...
❌ A consumer who wants to purchase elderberry products
❌ A grower who wants to learn how to plant & cultivate elderberry
❌ A grower who wants to sell seeds, cuttings, or other plant parts (berries, flowers, leaves, roots, etc) to makers
❌ A maker who wants to sell their products to others (see our sister Buy/Sell/Trade group)
❌ A raw materials or packaging supplier
❌ A government authority
❌ An agency that works alongside, on behalf of, or informs a governing authority, an inspector, a processing authority, a nutritional science company, insurance, university research staff, etc.
By accessing this community, you're also agreeing to the following community rules.
Community Rules
  1. Search First, Ask Second. This group moves FAST! Use at least 5 keywords in the search box to find similar conversations before posting your question. Questions that have been asked before will not be approved.
  2. Serve, Don't Sell. This isn't the place to sell or find leads to sell your stuff. No promo posts, solicitations, affiliate links, landing/sales pages, etc. unless by an admin or per admin request. If you're secretly trying to get a lead or a sale, don't post it.
  3. Be positive and optimistic. Post & comment with intent to help. Operate from a place of abundance. Be solution-oriented and avoid upper-limiting beliefs. A positive mindset is not a sign of ignorance
  4. No private messaging. This is a collaboration and learning group! All conversations should be kept within the comment threads of made as a new post for the richest community experience for everyone's benefit.
  5. Practice the "We All Go Up Together" mantra. We don't believe in competition. We believe that strong businesses are built on a foundation of relationships and we are #bettertogether than on our own.
  6. Build relationships with one another. We lift each other up & build bridges here. There is zero tolerance for slander. All grievances with other makers should be handled via a phone call.
  7. No shaming or policing. Everyone is at varying stages of their elderberry business. Some are thinking about it, some are just starting out and others are seasoned business owners.
  8. Actively engage, share and collaborate. We give more than we take here! Business grows strong and FAST because of the conversations, connections, and collaborations here. Lurking is strictly prohibitive.
  9. Zero tolerance policy. We will mute, remove or ban people w/o warning for hate, defamation, deceitful or fraudulent business practices, sabotage, sharing others' proprietary info or trade secrets without permission, post fatigue/abuse (repeated posts vs researching on your own), or violating any rule. Blocking admins = immediate removal.

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