About The Elderberry Entrepreneur

How it began

In 2017, a fellow elderberry entrepreneur named Trisha Jackson was called to serve other makers all over the world when she realized there was no ‘how to’ guide for moms making elderberry syrup out of their homes, who all had a desire to help their communities, grow their side hustles and for some, the potential to take their hobby full-time.

With a 20 year background in sales and marketing in addition to growing 4 other successful small businesses in that time, she knew that she could help fellow makers grow their elderberry businesses, just as she had, even if just part-time.

She also recognized that there was an intense competitive nature among farmers, herbalists, and stay-at-home mom makers that was crippling the industry. She set forth to breakdown those walls and create community & collaboration over competition.


The Elderberry Entrepreneur is a project of the Essential Living Community, a private member association. Read more about that here.

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