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The ABCs of Elderberry Entrepreneurs

The Elderberry Entrepreneur dictionary is a living, breathing document that will be continuously updated as new makers ask questions. While we serve a global community across 4 continents, these terms and phrases are so far heavily US-influenced. A B Batch Log: a...

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Finding Elderberry Making Equipment

Staring an elderberry-making business can have you stretched in a lot of different directions. Finding equipment should be simple. Here are unique ways to find the equipment you need: Beer brewing supply companies Kombuch suppliers Wine making suppliers...

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FDA: Approved or Registered?

There is often misinformation floating around the elderberry entrepreneur community that needs some clarification. Is the FDA actually approving a fruit that's turned into a product to eat/drink, essentially saying that it's generally regarded as safe? Or, is the FDA...

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How to Lower the Cost of Buying Elderberries

Buying raw materials is a labor-intensive process from sourcing to pricing the vast number of suppliers. Here are several ways to keep your costs low when it's time to restock. Buy fresh or frozen. Dehydrators and manual labor that goes into the drying process are...

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It’s all marketing

This is the time of year to keep your heads down and blinders on, away from other elderberry entrepreneurs and what they say/do online. Their messaging is crafted in a way to drive leads and convert sales.  All the time, we see makers say  <this> about why their...

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